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Drive Mad

You must navigate an obstacle course in the driving simulation game Drive Mad in order to get to the finish line safely. Since there are so many hazardous objects on the road, it is more challenging than you might think to maintain a reasonable pace without having the automobile roll over. Can you beat Drive Mad's every level?

You may play the 3D driving game Drive Mad on a PC, phone, or tablet because it is mobile-friendly. Yet it's more than just a driving game. It's also a skill and puzzle game since, despite what the title suggests, driving successfully requires using both your intellect and your ability. You will undoubtedly crash if you proceed in that manner! This game is set in a blocky universe with trucks that, especially when you crash and they blow up, resemble toy trucks. Depending on the level, the vehicles might have a variety of sizes and designs. Every level has a different objective, such as jumping over water, slamming into brick walls, or using bridges to safely pass. To move faster forward or backward, tap or click and hold on the right side of the screen. Decide on the ideal driving technique, and if you make a mistake once, don't repeat it. Sometimes getting through tight spaces requires balancing the truck forward and backward. Wishing you luck and joy!

How to play Drive Mad

In the incredibly entertaining driving game Drive Mad, you must maneuver your vehicle through countless platform bridges and other obstacles.

Your objective is to cross the finish line unharmed. To prevent falling into the void and losing the game, control your speed, maintain your balance, and don't tip over. While you work to successfully cross the finish line, perform amazing aerial tricks and take in the thrilling levels that are waiting for you on the other side of the screen.

What Many Of Levels Are There
The Drive Mad game has 100 stages. You will receive a different map for every level, allowing you to test your driving prowess and perform commendable feats. Maps with various difficulties and levels of difficulty are tried to be built by developers to provide something unique for each level. After you begin playing on numerous levels, you will notice this function.

How to Finish a Level
Reaching the finish line allows you to complete a level. You need to steer your car around hazards and barriers to accomplish this goal. Maintaining equilibrium for your car is, in particular, the most crucial task. There are hazardous barriers that can easily flip your car. So be cautious!


use the mouse or the navigation arrows

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