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Drive Mad 2r0

Players in Drive Mad 2r0 are put to the test right away by brand-new challenges that need better car-controlling prowess. Play Drive Crazy 2r0 in confidence if you are a good driver. Which level will you beat?

How to play Drive Mad 2r0

The objective is to safely navigate the vehicle through the challenges and cross the finish line. It is just as simple as other games. You will find it more difficult to block your car on the road during these stages. the capacity to travel long distances slowly, fly through the air, and get around obstacles... The second table's items have all been removed. You drive with assurance. Your vehicles will explode if they collide, forcing you to restart from scratch. You can demonstrate your driving prowess in Drive Mad 2r0 to your pals. A wonderful time!


use the mouse or the navigation arrows

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