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Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a hill-climbing automobile game with an egg on top of it. Drive very carefully to assist your car and egg over the hillsides as rapidly as you can! Eggy Car is a driving video game that needs you to bring eggs while driving on rough roads. Your goal is to drive, maintain a safe range, as well as prevent breaking the eggs. In this game, you require to readjust the secure range and also rate to maintain the egg from dropping out of the automobile while overcoming tough uneven roads. At the exact same time, while relocating, you will need to collect coins to increase your rank. Keep in mind, attempt to be calm as well as not quickly to keep the egg regarding possible. Eggy Car is like an automobile race that is both skilled as well as fast, needing high concentration. So while playing, concentrate on getting the farthest egg! This game establishes a lot of appealing attributes to make your experience as enjoyable as well as comfortable as feasible. It is not simple. Good Luck!


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