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Highway Racer 2

Get ready to put the pedal to the metal and race down the highway in Highway Racer 2, the exciting sequel to the popular 3D racing game. This game is all about high-speed action and intense gameplay, where you'll need to avoid obstacles, dodge traffic, and collect power-ups to boost your speed. With its sleek graphics and multiple game modes, Highway Racer 2 offers endless hours of adrenaline-fueled fun.

How to play 

Players in Highway Racer 2 must respond quickly to avoid obstacles and dodge other vehicles on the road due to the game's fast-paced and aggressive gameplay. Players can gather nitro boosts, speed-ups, and other different power-ups in the game to increase their speed.

Players can compete online against other players in multiplayer mode or attempt to outperform their previous best times in time trial mode thanks to the game's many game modes.


In Highway Racer 2, players take control of a fast-moving racing car and compete against other vehicles and obstacles to cross the finish line. The game features a number of game types, such as single-player, time trials, and multiplayer, where players can engage in online competition.

Players can fine-tune their car's performance to suit their individual driving style by customizing it with a range of different upgrades and extras, including new engines, tires, and body kits.


 1. The highway is packed with other vehicles, so be careful to keep an eye on the road ahead and steer clear of any collisions that can slow you down.

 2. Gather power-ups to increase your speed: The game provides a range of different power-ups that can help you go more quickly, so be sure to gather as many as you can.

 3. Upgrade your vehicle to increase performance: As your income rises, make upgrades to your vehicle to raise its efficiency and ease of handling.

 4. Take chances for bonus points: You can get bonus points for close calls and for driving on the wrong side of the road. Take chances to raise your score.

 5. Practice makes perfect, so keep improving your driving techniques to master the highway. The more you play, the better you'll get.


 W / Up arrow key = accelerate

 A / left arrow key = move left

 D / right arrow key = move right

 S / down arrow key = brake

 Left-click = interact with in-game buttons

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