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Burnout Night Racing

In the thrilling racing game Burnout Night Racing, you may test your driving prowess against some of the city's best opponents while driving your supercar along the road. The game offers a range of driving scenarios and gives players the option to customize their vehicles, giving it a distinctive and exhilarating experience. 

How to play 

Burnout Night Racing is an easy game to play. The main menu of the game, where you may choose your automobile and modify it to your preferences, will be displayed after you download the game from your app store. Your car can have its color, rims, and even stickers changed.

You can choose the racing scenario and the track after personalizing your vehicle. Different driving scenarios are included in the game, such as drifting, drag racing, and circuit races. Pick the racing scenario that best fits your driving style because each racing scenario calls for different driving skills.

 The controls for the game are simple to use. Drive with the arrow keys, press the space bar to turn on the nitro, and press the shift key to drift around turns. To outsmart your rivals and win, use your driving prowess and nitro boosts.


 - Players can customize their cars in the game, making them special and totally their own.

 - Numerous Racing Occasions: The game offers players a wide range of racing occasions for a varied and thrilling gameplay experience.

 - Nitro Boosts: The nitro boosts in the game allow players to accelerate swiftly and gain an advantage over their rivals, adding an extra dimension of excitement to gameplay.

 - Multiple Tracks: There are many different tracks available in the game, each with its own obstacles and challenges.


 1. Use Nitro Wisely: Make the most of your nitro boosts to either accelerate swiftly or outperform your rivals.

 2. Use the shift key to navigate around corners, giving you the upper hand over your rivals.

 3. Watch Out for impediments: Be aware of any impediments that may be in your path as they could cause you to lose time or possibly be disqualified if you hit them.

 4. Upgrade Your Car: To increase your chances of success, improve the handling and performance of your vehicle.


Using arrow keys

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