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City Car Stunt 4

City Car Stunt 4 is the latest installment of the popular racing game series City Car Stunt, offering many new updates and exciting features. The game features newly added powerful and flashy cars, a huge "Free Driving" map where you can collect diamonds and catch bonus boxes, and challenging races against AI opponents.

How to play 

Select a race course and your vehicle to begin City Car Stunt 4. To steer your car, use the arrow keys on your computer. To accelerate, brake, and steer, use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys, respectively. To unlock more cars and surprises, collect diamonds and bonus boxes. To go to the slopes and the tops of buildings more quickly and to collect all the diamonds, use blue teleport points. After every race, upgrade or modify your automobile, or get a new one.


 - With its recently introduced strong and showy automobiles, a sizable "Free Driving" environment, and hard races against AI opponents, City Car Stunt 4 provides an immersive gaming experience.

 - There are a total of 12 possible race routes in the game, and players must finish them all to win.

 - In City Car Stunt 4, players can now modify their automobiles' performance and appearance through customization options.


 1. In order to progress in City Car Stunt 4, you must gather diamonds and bonus boxes in order to reveal new vehicles and surprises.

 2. To go to the hills and the top of buildings faster and to collect all the diamonds, use the blue teleport spots.

 3. After each race, you can upgrade or modify your car, or you can purchase a new one.

 4. Watch out for the AI rivals and try to outdo them with your driving prowess and antics.

 5. To beat your previous high score, practice and hone your talents. Then, challenge your friends to do the same.


Using arrow keys 

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