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Extreme Drag Racing

Experience the thrill of speed and competition in the Extreme Drag Racing game, an exhilarating simulation that puts your shifting skills to the test. In this game, the key to victory lies in shifting gears at the precise moment to achieve maximum speed and outpace your opponents. With an array of car options, each boasting unique stats and features, you'll have the opportunity to choose your favorite and take on the challenge of the race. Get ready to step into the world of drag racing, where split-second decisions and precise timing can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

How to Play Extreme Drag Racing Game:

Playing the Extreme Drag Racing game involves mastering gear shifting and competing in high-speed races. Here's how to dive into the world of drag racing excitement:

  • Choose Your Car: Select your car from the available options, each offering distinct stats and features that influence your racing performance.
  • Gear Shifting: During the race, pay close attention to the gear indicator. Tap or click at the right moment to shift gears and maintain maximum speed.


  • High-Speed Racing: Engage in thrilling drag races that demand quick reflexes and precise gear shifting to achieve top speeds.
  • Car Variety: Explore a selection of cars, each with its own set of attributes and features that impact your racing experience.


Gas = W or Up Arrow Key.

Space = Shifting Gear

N = Nitro

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