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Lethal Race

Get money from each race, upgrade your vehicle, and eliminate rivals. In this entertaining and insane racing game, demonstrate your ability to perform a triple flip and be the first to cross the finish line.

Only the strongest will prevail in the deadly competition known as Lethal Race! Put on your seatbelt since the ride will be risky! Play against other vehicles on a treacherous circuit, gather money, and flip to get nitro. Don't be damaged, but demolish other cars! Race on more recent tracks and unlock new cars to improve! No other race has ever been as dangerous and insane as this one! Drive recklessly, but make careful to update your vehicle with the coins you've gathered!

Join this hazardous race and start collecting cash. When you complete tricks, your nitro charge will grow. To enhance your car, need coins. Complete every race to claim the top spot!


Control your car with arrows
Space to jump

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