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Truck Trials

Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Truck Trials, where you'll navigate through breathtaking landscapes in a powerful monster truck. Control the monstrous engine, collect stars, and overcome obstacles while avoiding overturning. Let the adrenaline rush begin!

How to play 

In Truck Trials, you can drive a giant truck through breathtaking scenery for an amazing gaming experience. The goal is to get as many stars as you can while getting to the destination without flipping your truck.

Choose your monster truck from a variety of available options to get started. Each truck may have varied qualities like handling, stability, and speed. Pick a truck that complements your driving habits and style.

When you're in the driver's seat, use the controls to navigate the landscape. Overcome several obstacles that have been placed in strategic locations around the course, including slopes and ramps. Along the route, gather stars to gain points and advance.


Several features are used in Truck Trials to improve the gameplay. Realistic physics in the game replicates the weight and motion of the monster truck. This adds a level of authenticity and tests your driving prowess as you work to keep the powerful car in balance and under control.

You will be able to acquire bigger and better trucks as you go through the game and accomplish levels. You can easily navigate more difficult terrain and obstacles thanks to the enhanced vehicles' improved performance and capabilities.


 1. Master the Controls: Become familiar with your monster truck's controls. You can keep your balance and negotiate the treacherous terrain by learning how to accelerate, brake, and control the steering.

 2. Maintain Balance: Because they are so heavy, monster trucks are prone to falling over. Aim to maintain balance by altering your speed and angle of approach when approaching hills and other obstacles. You could overturn and lose crucial time and stars if you go at too high a speed or the wrong angle.

 3. Plan Your Route: Consider the terrain in front of you. Identify the best path to take to gather stars while avoiding obstacles as you plan your journey. Look for shortcuts or ramps that can make it easier for you to get over challenging parts.

 4. Precision & Timing: Some stars may be positioned in hard-to-reach areas or necessitate careful timing to be collected. Practice your timing and control for jumps, stunts, and reaching elevated platforms to capture elusive stars.

 5. Upgrade wisely: As you open up better and larger trucks, pick improvements that fit your preferred playing style. While other enhancements could put more of an emphasis on speed or off-road capability, some might prioritize stability. To determine the best configuration for each stage, try out several combinations.


Using Arrow keys 

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