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Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour is a popular racing game that is available for mobile devices. The game offers an exciting racing experience that challenges players to compete in high-speed races against other players from around the world. Traffic Tour is a great option for fans of racing video games because it has stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and a variety of customizable vehicles.

How to play 

You pick your car from a variety of choices, customize it to your tastes, and select a game mode to begin playing Traffic Tour. There are several game modes available in Traffic Tour, including career, time trial, and free ride, each with its own special goals and challenges.
Once the race has begun, you can use the on-screen controls to drive your vehicle, avoid obstacles, and pass other drivers. To earn rewards and upgrades that will help you perform better and win more races, you will need to accomplish a variety of challenges and objectives as you advance through the game. You can begin playing Traffic Tour by doing these things and take pleasure in the thrill of fast-paced driving.


 - Various cars: The game includes a variety of various vehicles that can be upgraded and customized to increase performance.

 - Career mode: This mode provides a variety of various tasks and goals, such as winning races, collecting rewards, and improving vehicles.

 - Players compete against the clock to finish a track as fast as they can in time trial mode.

 - Free ride mode: In this setting, there are no time or distance limitations, so players are free to explore the game's setting at their own speed.


 1. Upgrades to vehicles can increase their performance and make racing victories simpler.

 2. Learn to drift: Drifting can be used to take corners quickly and give players an edge over rivals.

 3. Avoid collisions: Hitting other vehicles or obstructions can slow down players and make it more difficult to win races.

 4. Keep an eye out for shortcuts: Many tracks have shortcuts that can give players an edge over rivals.


 - Using the key controls

 - S = Brake

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