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Top Speed Racing 3D

An intense and difficult gaming experience is promised by the thrilling racing game Top Speed Racing 3D. Players may completely immerse themselves in the world of fast racing thanks to its exhilarating gameplay, adaptable vehicles, and diverse events.

How to play 

Players can select from a broad variety of vehicles in Top Speed Racing 3D, including cars, motorcycles, and even airplanes. Players can modify and customize each vehicle to improve its performance while enhancing its individual qualities.

The game has a number of stages with various obstacles and difficulties, including leaps, abrupt bends, and narrow lanes. To cross the finish line ahead of their competitors, players must overcome these barriers.

The game also has a stunt mode where players can pull off tricks and stunts in order to score points and cash. The incentives increase in proportion to how well the stunts performed.


 - There are more than fifteen fantastic rides to pick from, each with its unique speed, handling, and offroad capabilities. Graphics Quality: You can select from Low, Medium, and High.

 - You may improve your engine, turbo, tires, transmission, suspension, and nitro to make your car go faster.

 - To further improve the appearance of your vehicle, you can alter the following: There are numerous choices, including rims, paint, window tinting, a tuning stance, vinyl, LEDs, and metal plating.

 - Rims: There are a total of 29 different types of rims available.

 - Paint: You can change the glossiness and paint the entire body as well as the rims, the caliper, the hood, and the roof.

 - Adjustable Camber and Height for Turning Stance Three categories of vinyl exist plain, colorful, and camouflaged.

 - There are 14 different color options for LEDs.

 - Free mode, traffic mode, police chase mode, and stunt mode are the four game modes available in this title. Stunt Mode and Police Chase will be accessible soon.

 - Use the RESET option to go back to the prior checkpoint. You can adjust the settings to alter the view distance, music level, arrow sensitivity, dashboard size, and steering wheel sensitivity.

 - Camera View: There are two different camera views available.


 1. Regular upgrades will increase the performance and speed of your car.

 2. The nitro boost might quickly run out, leaving you exposed. Use it cautiously.

 3. To prevent crashes, keep your attention on the course and prepare for the twists and obstacles.

 4. Before attempting the feats and tricks in a race, perfect them in the stunt mode.


 Arrow Keys or WASD - Race, Break

 Left & Right Space - Break

 LShift/RShift - Nitro

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