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Top Gear

For the Super Nintendo system, Top Gear was a popular racing game that was launched in 1992. Win a fast race against everyone else to showcase your driving prowess and establish your dominance! Choose one of the four supercars, then begin your once-in-a-lifetime race.

How to play Top Gear

Driving on 32 tracks in 8 nations is the goal of Top Gear. If you finish in the top five, you'll receive a passcode that allows you to proceed to the next nation.

You will always see a split-screen (top and bottom) perspective from behind the car when playing Top Gear alone or with a companion. On the lower part of the screen, the car is controlled by either Player Two or the computer.

Three different degrees of difficulty are available: amateur, professional, and championship. The computer drivers become more aggressive as the difficulty increases.

The Cannibal, the Sidewinder, the Razor, and the Weasel are the four vehicles you can select. They are rated for top speed, acceleration from 0 to 60 mph, tire grip, and fuel efficiency. The Cannibal can go at a top speed of 147 MPH! The Sidewinder has the best handling and uses the least fuel. The Weasel is a fierce competitor with a quick 0 to 60 time (4.3 seconds!) and nasty cornering skills. The Razor has a slower top speed and slower acceleration and is loose around competitors. You're truly the king of Top Gear if you can triumph with the Razor. Three Nitros are installed in each car for the race. There's also a refueling pit on most tracks, handy for the gas-guzzling Cannibal.


Nitro performs best when you're approaching a straightaway and there aren't any vehicles on the road in front of you. When you collide with another car while zooming, your momentum is lost.



Arrow Keys – Movement
Space key – Select
Enter key – Start
“Z” key – a
“X” key – b
“A” key – x
“S” key – y
“D” key – l
“C” key – r

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