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Stunt Crazy

In this smashing, destroy-em-up, become a well-known stuntman. Wreck 24 movie sets while making headlines, collecting honors, and doing stunts. As you manage your gasoline, ride a futuristic vehicle and jump over rooftops and other obstacles. To accomplish your goals, gather stunt reels in the colors red, blue, and yellow. Are you truly insane?

On contemporary browsers, you can play the free online game Stunt Crazy. Driving & Racing is the category under which Stunt Crazy Online falls. 26053 people have played this game, and 82% of them have given it a positive rating. Stunt Crazy is a Flash-based game that is exclusively accessible via PC online. On your computer, you can play the game for free online.
You can play the game in Full-Screen mode for a better gameplay experience. There is no need to download anything to play the game for free online in your browser! Did you have fun playing it?

How to play FreegearZ

In Freegears Z, you assume control of a brand-new competitor in the Freegear Tournament. You must compete in four racing tournaments, each of which consists of four races held on deserted highways all around the world.



The cursor keys or w, a, s, and d are used to steer your stunt vehicle.
For missiles, turbo, and crash bombs, use z, x, and c (or j, k, l).

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