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Rooftop Car Stunts

Welcome to Rooftop Car, the premier racing game where you may enjoy the rush of pulling off incredible feats above structures. Prepare to jump, flip, and race your way through difficult courses while admiring gorgeous 3D graphics. 

How to play 

You'll choose your favorite automobile in Rooftop automobile Stunts and then customize it to your tastes. After selecting your vehicle, you'll need to make your way through a number of increasingly difficult courses that are riddled with hazards and ramps. To avoid hitting walls or other obstacles and to jump over gaps and perform air flips, use your driving abilities.


 - There are several different game types available in Rooftop Car Stunts, including time trials, race modes, and stunt modes.

 - You can pick from a variety of cars and personalize them with various paint jobs and add-ons to make them uniquely yours.

 - This game offers a thrilling and exciting racing experience with gorgeous 3D graphics and engrossing music effects.


A few crucial pointers must be kept in mind if you want to perfect Rooftop Car Stunts.

 1. Before you do any leaps or stunts, take your time and become familiar with each course.

 2. Be careful not to overshoot your landings by using your brakes to slow down as necessary.

 3. Try out various vehicles to determine which one suits your playing style the best.

 4. Don't be hesitant to experiment and try new things; after all, that's what this game is all about!


Using arrow keys

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