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Monster Truck Forest Delivery

Prepare for difficult delivery missions in Monster Truck Forest Delivery! Delivering goods in the city can be difficult, but when you have to cross a forest, it is considerably more difficult. Can you transport the package to the drop-off from over the hills and a distance?

How to play Monster Truck Forest Delivery

Your goal in this game as the delivery man is to finish each level by transporting the cargo securely to its destination. Although driving on forest roads can be challenging due to their uneven surfaces, this game's controls are rather basic. Click the play button on the main menu to begin the game. After then, pick a level to play. You can choose from 24 different level types to play. Only the first level is accessible at initially, but as you progress, you can unlock the others. To accelerate and brake, use the up and down arrow keys, respectively. During the road, there will be a variety of obstacles, so maintaining your truck's balance is crucial.You can accomplish it by pressing the left and right arrow keys. Be careful since dropping the package on the back of your vehicle will cause you to lose the level. Have fun


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