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Monster Tracks

Monster Tracks is an exhilarating car and driving game that offers players a thrilling experience as they navigate their monster trucks through treacherous racing tracks. Developed by Martin Magni, the game provides endless levels filled with unstable bridges, high platforms, and various challenging obstacles.

How to play 

In Monster Tracks, players must complete the course while keeping their monster truck balanced and unharmed. To successfully complete each level of the game and defeat the obstacles, you'll need control, timing, and precision. The mechanics of the gameplay are described as follows:

The game's controls are largely intuitive touch controls that let users steer the monster truck's braking and acceleration. Players can successfully navigate the courses by tilting the device to adjust the truck's balance and orientation.

Terrain Difficulties: Monster Tracks' racing tracks provide a variety of difficulties. As you control your monster truck, unstable bridges, sloping platforms, and steep slopes will put your talents to the test. By keeping your balance and regulating your pace appropriately, you can prevent falling over and crashing.


Level Progression: Monster Tracks provides a progression system with several progressively harder levels. New track configurations and challenges that demand careful planning and execution will appear as you go. Obtaining new songs and incentives after completing a level ensures a constant feeling of accomplishment.


 - Each level in Monster Tracks is skillfully designed to provide a unique and exhilarating experience. The gameplay is kept fresh and intriguing by the introduction of new elements including moving platforms, rotating obstacles, and difficult jumps.

 - Numerous Levels: Monster Tracks provides an infinite amount of enjoyment because of its large number of levels. The game makes sure that players have a range of difficult tracks to discover, avoiding repetition and offering unlimited enjoyment.

 - Customization: Monster Tracks gives players the option to make their monster trucks uniquely their own, adding a distinctive element to the experience. Create a special car that embodies your sense of style by unlocking and selecting from a variety of eye-catching colors, patterns, and upgrades.


 1. Master Balancing: In Monster Tracks, keeping your balance is essential. Pay close attention to how your device is tilting and make exact adjustments as necessary to maintain the monster truck's stability, especially when navigating crooked or constrained portions of the track.

 2. Timing Is Crucial Keep an eye on how platforms and obstacles move. You may conquer difficult areas and move through the stages easily by timing your acceleration, braking, and jumps precisely.

 3. Experiment and Learn: Don't be hesitant to try out various tactics. To get past challenging obstacles, experiment with changing your speed, looking for alternate paths, and changing your strategy. Utilize the knowledge you gain from each effort to raise your performance.

  Martin Magni created Monster Tracks, a gripping automotive and driving game that offers players a thrilling and difficult experience. The game provides hours of pleasure thanks to its distinctive level design, limitless levels, and customization choices. Players can succeed on the challenging tracks of the game by mastering balancing tactics, refining timing, and adopting a learning attitude. Get ready to experience an exhilarating adventure in Monster Tracks and demonstrate your driving prowess! Wishing you luck and a fun journey!


Using Arrow keys

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