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Mario Kart 64

Enjoy this Mario Kart 64 online edition! Since Mode 7 ceased being used to create 3D tracks, it was a gaming breakthrough. Join Mario, Luigi, and their pals as they race around in karts, dodging obstacles and catching up to your competitors while having fun.

The iconic racing game Mario Kart 64 was created and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 system. It is the second game in the Mario Kart franchise, and it was released in 1996. Players of all ages adore it. Popular Mario figures, such as Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, compete against one another in go-kart races on a variety of tracks in the game.

How to play 

You'll need a Nintendo 64 device, a controller, and the game cartridge to play Mario Kart 64. Once you have everything you need, switch on the console and put the game cartridge in it. Choose a play option and then choose Mario Kart 64 from the list of games.

Grand Prix, Time Trials, Versus, and Battle are just a few of the game's numerous categories. You will compete against computer-controlled opponents on four distinct courses in Grand Prix mode. You'll compete against the clock in time trials to post the fastest speed on a specific course. You can compete in races on any track you choose in Versus mode against friends or computer-controlled opponents. You'll face off against other players to pop balloons fastened to their karts in the Battle option.


In Mario Kart 64, you can find a variety of goods and power-ups that will give you a competitive edge. These include weapons like shells, which can be used to attack other racers, bananas, which can be thrown to knock down rivals, and mushrooms, which can be used to accelerate. Additionally, the game offers a variety of karts with unique stats, including top speed, acceleration, and handling, letting players select a kart that best fits their racing preferences.


The drifting mechanic in Mario Kart 64, which enables you to make tight turns and receive speed boosts, must be mastered if you want to succeed. It's crucial to time when you use power-ups because doing so can give you a substantial advantage over your rivals. It's also critical to pay attention to how each track is laid out, as some routes might be quicker than others. And finally, remember that practice makes ideal, so don't give up if you finish last in your first few races. You can learn the game and become a Mario Kart 64 winner with patience and practice.


 - Using the key controls

 - K: Acelerar

 - Space: Usar item

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