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Lightning Speed

There are numerous Pixar animated film characters in the racing game Lightning Speed. Drive your own vehicle into the most well-known races of Lightning McQueen. With specialized terrain kits, you may improve your car's wheels, engine, and appearance.

What Cars Characters Appear in Lightning Fast?
For each race you enter, Darrel Cartrip will deliver the commentary. Take on Francesco Bernoulli, a previous foe of McQueen's, in Italy, and Shu Todoroki, a Le Mans prototype, in Japan. You'll compete against Carla Veloso in Brazil. Go to Germany to compete against Max "Sebastian" Schnell's talents. You can rely on your friend Tow Mater to give you pointers and advise whenever you go to the garage.

How to play Lightning Speed

You can compete in well-known races from the Cars series in this driving game. Select between two different game types and five locales. Pick up engines and car batteries to power your vehicle, and collect lightning bolts to increase your speed. You can utilize the money you've earned to acquire new auto components and upgrades by going to the garage after each round.

The road is littered with oil spills and water puddles, so take caution. Oil and water will splash all over your windshield if you drive through these, obstructing your vision of the road.

How Do the Different Game Modes in Cars: Lightning Speed Operate?
You can begin with the Beginner Cup in Career Mode. At the most basic level, move from site to location while working your way up to the most complex tracks. Instead, you can choose a location at random in the Single Race mode and progress through the many levels for each nation.

The lengthier, twistier, and trickier tracks are those that are more challenging. If you want to prevent your automobile from veering off the road, you'll need to utilize your brakes carefully. The rivalry will intensify and speed up.

How Can Your Automobile Be Customized in Cars: Lightning Speed?
You may enhance your automobile in the garage and unlock new car parts to further personalize your vehicles. By switching out the wheels and applying new paint and decals, you may even alter the color of your automobile here.

Also, you can customize your automobile with a number of kits to make it more suitable for each new terrain. Use the Desert Kit to traverse arid area trails. Or combine it with the Neon Kit for a magnificent Japanese city racing. Every type of track has a unique custom kit that will change the way your car looks.


Arrow keys to drive, Enter to accelerate or use control buttons.

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