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Jelly Truck

Jelly Truck is a unique and entertaining game that challenges players to drive a jelly truck through various obstacles until they reach the goal. This whimsical and fun-filled game combines driving skills and balance as players maneuver their squishy truck through a variety of challenging terrains. Using the arrow keys to drive and balance the truck, players must navigate carefully to avoid obstacles and successfully complete each level. With its engaging gameplay and delightful visuals, Jelly Truck provides an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. Get ready to embark on a squishy adventure!

How to play 

The straightforward gameplay features of Jelly Truck make it suitable for gamers of all skill levels. The steps to playing are listed below:

Driving the jelly truck to the specified destination while navigating obstacles is the main objective. Every level offers a different set of difficulties that force players to negotiate perilous terrains.

Use the arrow keys to steer and balance the jelly truck. The truck's acceleration and deceleration are controlled by the up and down arrow keys, while its balance is managed by the left and right arrow keys. To keep the truck from toppling over or being trapped, balance is crucial.

Avoiding Obstacles: Avoid the many barriers, such as walls, ramps, and gaps, that can be found throughout the levels. To avoid failure and the need to restart the game, carefully maneuver the jelly truck to avoid hitting any obstacles.


 - Levels that are Difficult: The game includes a variety of levels that get harder as you progress. Players are presented with a novel and thrilling challenge as new terrains and obstacles are introduced at each level.

 - The jelly truck can be controlled precisely using the arrow keys. Players must control the truck through tight areas and perilous pathways while balancing acceleration and deceleration.

 - Visual Appeal: The vibrant and imaginative graphics in Jelly Truck add to the appeal and general enjoyment of the game. The jelly truck's soft and springy texture offers a striking visual experience.


 1. Maintain Balance: Success depends on the jelly truck remaining balanced. Keep a close eye on how the truck is moving and alter the balance as necessary. When crossing steep slopes or uneven terrain, use caution.

 2. Moderate Acceleration: Refrain from accelerating too quickly because doing so could cause the vehicle to lose stability and topple over. To maintain stability throughout the levels, practice managing the truck's speed.

 3. Plan Ahead: Before making any movements, take a moment to study the layout of the level. To make more thoughtful and planned decisions, plot out your course and account for probable pitfalls.

 4. Precision and Patience: Jelly Truck calls for both of these. Take your time and methodically work your way through each level, putting accuracy above speed. Rushing increases the risk of errors and failure.

  Jelly vehicle offers players a fun and original gaming experience by requiring them to maneuver a squishy vehicle through a variety of barriers. Players can pass each level and get to the goal by learning the controls, keeping their balance, and moving slowly. Players of all ages will find the game to be a fascinating choice because of its captivating graphics and enjoyable gameplay. Prepare to bounce and squish your way to success in Jelly Truck, then! Have fun and enjoy the journey!


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