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Hyper Racing Madness

Active Racing Madness takes you on the trip of "The Driver" where you drive the wheel of cars from numerous first-class auto firms, from an entry-level auto such as the Dodge Challenger to a costly supercar like the Lamborghini Hurricane. The player races versus man-made intelligence-controlled autos in a 3D atmosphere, with the objective of winning the race and also for this reason acquiring 3 stars in the degree. Throughout the game, the player can slowly unlock access to various new automobiles, levels, maps, as well as race settings. Gamers can additionally select to play in a 1-player fast race or test a pal in the 2-player setting included in Hyper Racing Madness.


AI-controlled adversaries Five levels of escalating difficulty 5 maps (Rural, Arctic, Desert, Urban, Moon) 5 race modes (Classic, Escape, Survival, Infection, Special) unlockable stages and cars leveled star rating system Real-time updates to the car ranking multiplayer in split-screen













For "Player A"

Direction Keys-(Up,Down,Left,Right)
Enter- Reset position
Esc- Pause

Race For "Player B"

Direction Keys-(W, A,S,D)
Tab- Reset position
Esc- Pause
Race -------------------
Classic: Cross the finish line first to win.
Escape: Finish the laps before the timer runs out.
Survival: Don't come last when the timer runs out .
Infection: Infected cars have temporary engine boosts.
Special: Mix of escape and survival modes.


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