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Hill Climb Twisted Transport

Hill Climb Twisted Transport -  Your first summer job! Hill Climb Twisted Transport is a difficult driving simulation game where you must transport various goods uphill. Begin with a basic vehicle and save up money to buy some cool improvements.

How to play Hill Climb Twisted Transport

In the difficult yet enjoyable side-scrolling delivery video game Hill Climb Twisted Transport, you control a cargo truck to transport various items from one location to another while navigating a rocky and untamed uphill landscape. Earn money to spend on additional components and enhancements that will help you finish your work. Will you be able to complete the task and deliver every item that was given to you? Make every effort to become the best transporter there is!

This game is a 2D shipping simulator. You must complete 10 stages on each of the 3 maps with increasing difficulty tracks throughout the game. You have 45 seconds to travel a certain distance; however, the amount of cargo will affect how quickly you move. The mouse and arrow keys are used for control. There are 4 distinct types of cars in the game, and you may purchase 3 of them with coins. Also, there are nine stages of improvement for the machine's engine, friction, and brakes.


Use arrows to navigate

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