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Highway Road Racing

Highway Road Racing is a game that immerses players in unending traffic racing and promises an exciting and rewarding experience. Players can fully immerse themselves in the world of high-speed racing and dodging through traffic with a variety of customized cars and hard gameplay.

How to play 

Players in Highway Road Racing have to race down a congested highway while dodging cars and collecting coins to enhance their vehicles. To finish the game, players must avoid a variety of hazards, including trucks, buses, and other vehicles.

A variety of tasks are also included in the game, including time limits, distance requirements, and coin collection goals. Players can unlock new cars as they advance through the game and enhance their current cars to make them perform better.


 - Players can personalize their cars in the garage by adding different parts, like engines, wheels, and body kits.

 - Daily awards: The game awards players every day for frequently logging in by giving them coins and other perks.

 - Power-ups: The game includes a variety of power-ups that players can acquire to improve their performance and score, such as shields, magnets, and boosters.


 1. Regular upgrades will increase the performance and speed of your car.

 2. To get the most out of power-ups, use them wisely.

 3. Maintaining momentum and speed requires avoiding collisions with other cars and obstructions.

 4. To avoid getting caught in traffic gridlock, anticipate it and prepare your maneuvers in advance.


 Arrow keys/WASD

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