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Grand Vegas Simulator

Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled world of the Grand Vegas Simulator, where you can showcase your driving and drifting skills while performing the duties of a cop. Get ready to experience the thrill of high-speed pursuits, challenging missions, and unlockable rewards!

How to play 

In Grand Vegas Simulator, you play the role of a police officer, tasked with carrying out numerous missions and duties to uphold law and order in the busy metropolis. Speed, control, and precision are essential in the game's unique driving experience.

Choose your chosen police car from a variety of unlocked variants to get started. Aspects like speed, handling, and durability may vary amongst vehicles. After selecting your vehicle, take on a number of tasks and challenges that will test your driving skills and decision-making abilities.

Grand Vegas Simulator missions cover a wide range of tasks, such as:

Challenges at Checkpoints: Avoid touching the cones as you pass through the designated checkpoints. To avoid penalties and effectively accomplish the assignment, this calls for exact control and deft navigation.

Bank Escort: Safely accompany and safeguard the bank representatives as they move around the city. Keep an eye out for potential dangers and criminal activity along the road, and act quickly to stop it.

Take on the role of a presidential escort as you lead the president around Grand Vegas' bustling streets. Ensure their security and keep a tight perimeter in place to fend off any potential threats.


High-Speed Pursuits: Take part in exhilarating car chases while chasing down and catching crooks. Take advantage of your driving talents to weave through traffic, avoid obstacles, and use strategic moves to the corner and stop evading automobiles.

Accident response: Quickly address all accidents and emergency situations. Quickly arrive at the incident, offer help, and keep traffic under control while guaranteeing everyone's safety.


Grand Vegas Simulator combines a number of features to give gamers a realistic police experience.

 - The game's realistic driving mechanics let you experience the exhilaration of fast chases, deft handling, and heart-pounding drifts.

 - You'll earn different cop cars with stronger attributes as you advance through the game and successfully complete tasks, improving your performance and expanding your options.


 1. Know Your Car: Learn how to drive and the features of the police car you have chosen. Every car could have distinctive qualities that have an impact on how you perform. To improve your driving, practice regulating the car's speed, cornering, and braking.

 2. Remain Calm and Focused: In high-stress circumstances like high-speed chases, it's critical to maintain your composure and focus. To prevent collisions and apprehend the offenders, pay close attention to your surroundings, predict the actions of other vehicles, and make split-second decisions.

 3. Use Power-Ups: The game might give you access to more resources or unique skills that will help you complete your missions. Use them wisely to your advantage in pursuits or difficult circumstances.


 4. Plan ahead: Before beginning a mission, determine the goals and adjust your itinerary as necessary. Learn how the city is laid out so you can identify the fastest routes and foresee any potential detours or shortcuts.

 5. Upgrade and Unlock: Make investments to upgrade your police cars or unlock new ones as you advance and earn rewards. Your performance can be greatly improved with improved qualities, making tasks simpler to complete.


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