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You take control of a brand-new competitor in the Freegear Tournament in Freegears Z. You must compete in four races across four tournaments, all of which are held on deserted highways around the world.

Presenting a unique racing game that, while initially perplexing, gradually shows its numerous aspects as you play. A homage to the legendary Lotus Turbo Challenge, which was first released on the Amiga in 1990 and later on the Sega Mega Drive, may be found in FreeGear Z. Modern graphics have been used, but the unique driving style, which focuses on drifts and control, has been preserved. Compete on more than 15 tracks, each set in a distinctive atmosphere, as you progress through 4 separate, ever more difficult leagues.


Use the arrow keys to play.
Holding down the "C" key will activate turbo boost.

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