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ATV Ultimate Offroad

Embark on an exciting adventure with ATV Ultimate OffRoad, an exceptional ATV simulator that guarantees thrilling gameplay. The game is packed with a variety of exciting modes, including races and free drive options, along with an array of compelling features. Whether you're racing against opponents or freely exploring the vast map, ATV Ultimate OffRoad promises an immersive experience. Take part in races, enjoy the freedom of free drive mode, and select from a range of ATVs, each offering unique characteristics. Get ready to unleash your inner ATV enthusiast and dive into an exhilarating world of off-road excitement.

How to play:

  • Playing ATV Ultimate OffRoad is all about embracing the adventure, choosing your preferred mode, and mastering the controls. Here's how to get started:
  • Game Modes: Select your preferred game mode – races or free drive. Engage in races to challenge opponents or enjoy free drive mode to explore the expansive map at your own pace.
  • Controls: Utilize intuitive controls to maneuver your ATV. Steer left and right to navigate through terrains, accelerate to gain speed, and brake to slow down or halt.


  • Multiple Game Modes: Choose from a range of game modes, including races for a competitive edge or free drive mode to savor the freedom of exploration.
  • ATV Variety: Discover a diverse collection of ATVs with distinct characteristics. Unlock additional ATVs by earning money or gears from races and free driving.


Player 1:

  • Move: W, A, S, D, or ARROW KEYS
  • Change camera: C
  • Restart position: R

Player 2:

  • Move: ARROW KEYS
  • NOS: M
  • Change camera: K
  • Restart position: P

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