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Extreme Delivery

Your ability to navigate obstacles and arrive at your destination safely will be put to the test in the game Extreme Delivery. If you've ever completed a game from the Drive Crazy series, you'll undoubtedly be impressed and smitten by its fun gameplay.

Compared to prior games in the series, the shape of the vehicle is different in Extreme Delivery. It's longer and nicer. It will also hurt you and make the move more difficult. The difficulties and length of the challenges will increase. You can learn a lot of fascinating stuff in Extreme Delivery. Now click "Play Game"!

How to play Extreme Delivery

Welcome to the next installment of the Drive Mad series, which features pixel- and block-based "Fancade"-style roads, tucks, bridges, logs, and empty space. Conquer hundreds of all-new, thrilling levels, navigate wobbly bridges and sloping platforms that will make you lose your balance, and avoid any maneuvers that could send you tumbling into the void in order to stay out of it. Have fun while putting your fantastic reflexes to the test while driving through some of the world's most perilous and unexplored highways; just make sure not to get your vehicle stuck in the middle of the road, or you'll have to start again. As a race car driver, prove your mettle!


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