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Extreme Blur Race

Extreme Blur Race is a thrilling racing game that guarantees to make your pulse beat faster. With the extra benefit of power-ups to increase your speed or slow down your competitors, the game gives players the option to race either by themselves or against a friend. Players will never run out of ways to put their racing prowess to the test thanks to the variety of game types available and the tough AI opponents they can race against. 

How to play 

Extreme Blur Race is simple and easy to play. The main menu of the game, where you may choose your playing mode, will be displayed after you download the game from your app store. The game has a number of modes, such as:

 - Single Race: In this mode, you race against artificial intelligence (AI) opponents with the intention of winning.

 - Time Trial: In this mode, you compete with the clock to finish the track as soon as you can.

 - Battle: You compete against other racers in this mode, seeking to knock them out by hitting them with power-ups while avoiding getting hit yourself.

You can choose from a range of tunes on the track selection screen once you've chosen your game mode. Make a good choice because every track has different difficulties and challenges.

The controls for the game are clear and easy to use. To drive, use the arrow keys; to unlock power-ups, press the space bar; to drift around corners, press the shift key. To outsmart your rivals and win, use your driving prowess and power-ups.


 - Multiple Game Modes: The game features a number of game modes that give players a choice of how to test their racing prowess.

 - AI opponents that are difficult to beat: The AI opponents in this game are difficult, giving players a true test of their racing skills.

 - Power-Ups: The game's power-ups increase gameplay excitement by giving players the option to speed up or slow down their adversaries.

 - Multiple Tracks: There are many different tracks available in the game, each with its own obstacles and challenges.


 1. Employ Power-Ups Use your power-ups wisely by tactically accelerating or slowing down your opponents.

 2. Use the shift key to navigate around corners, giving you the upper hand over your rivals.

 3. Watch Out for impediments: Be aware of any impediments that may be in your path as they could cause you to lose time or possibly be disqualified if you hit them.

 4. Know the Tracks: Being aware of the tracks before your competitors can help you gain the upper hand by enabling you to strategically plan your maneuvers.



Using arrow keys

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