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Endless Truck

You'll put your driving talents to the test as you steer a potent monster truck across an endless course in the thrilling and addictive driving game Endless Truck. The goal of the game is to travel as far as you can without colliding while obtaining money and power-ups to raise your score.

How to play Endless Truck

The free racing game Endless Truck is available. To get behind the wheel of this monster truck and perform monster stunts to earn monster points and monster money, you're going to need monster abilities. In the video game Endless Truck, you play and race until you pass out. When you pass away, you can use the money you earned to upgrade your wheels, hull, engine, gasoline, and bumper before getting back on the racetrack to try to win some more. See how far you can advance and climb the leaderboard.
The best aspect of the game is always improving and planning your route to the top. Will you modify your bumper to smash past barriers? Will you modify your bumper to smash past barriers? Will you rev up the engine to reach top speed more quickly? What about getting new wheels to improve handling and fuel efficiency? It is entirely up to you, and in this fast-paced game, decisions are crucial.
Thus, relax in and get ready to sprint past the competition to the top of the leaderboard. Just buckle up, press the gas, and let's go! You are a legend in the making!


 - Press the space bar to jump
 - Press the left or right arrow to flip

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