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Endless Hot Pursuit

A high-speed police chase takes place in the adrenaline-pumping car racing game Endless Hot Pursuit. You'll be on the edge of your seat when playing this game because of its breathtaking graphics and challenging gameplay.

How to play 

Endless Hot Pursuit has entertaining, quick-paced gameplay. To assist you stay alive, you must avoid obstacles, elude authorities, and gather power-ups. The game has intuitive controls that are simple to learn but difficult to master.

The use of weapons and barriers to aid in your police-escape is one of the game's distinctive features. To eliminate the police and open your way, you can employ oil slicks, smoke bombs, and even rockets.


In the video game Endless Hot Pursuit, you play a man on the run from the law. There are many different cars in the game, and each one has a special set of characteristics that influence how it handles and accelerates. Additionally, you can equip your vehicles with a variety of weaponry and accessories to help you outwit law enforcement and endure longer.

There are various maps in the game, and each one has its unique set of difficulties to overcome. The cops will get more combative and the barriers more challenging as you advance through the game.


 1. Be on the lookout for barriers and police vehicles while maintaining a constant focus on the road.

 2. Don't waste your firearms on subpar police cars; use them wisely. Don't use them until you truly need them.

 3. Gather power-ups. Power-ups can extend your life and boost your score.

 4. Upgrade your vehicle: To improve your chances of surviving, equip your vehicle with better guns and quicker engines.

 5. The more you play, the better you will become since practice makes perfect. Don't give up if you don't succeed right away. Play on, and you'll get better with practice.


  WASD/arrow keys = drive

  Esc = pause

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