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Drive Mad Kids

A spectacular racing game with the ideal balance of physics and stunts is called Drive Mad Kids. Everyone who likes speed, a challenge, and putting their driving talents to the test should play this game. Players must navigate this game's meandering roadways, avoid hazards, and scale limitless cliffs in order to cross the finish line. Players will enjoy this thrilling 3D block graphics game for hours on end with its 15 distinct levels of escalating complexity.

How to play 

Playing Drive Mad Kids is simple and enjoyable for players of all ages. Here is a brief introduction to get you going: To guide the vehicle, press the Left/Right arrows while pressing the Up or Down arrows to accelerate or brake. Keep an eye out for barriers and cliffs: Players must exercise caution when driving because there are many obstacles and cliffs on the road. Coins can be gathered along the journey to modify older vehicles and purchase new ones. To go on to the following level, players must complete the course as soon as they can.


 - Players can enjoy a tough and entertaining gaming experience with Drive Mad Kids.

 -  Realistic driving dynamics are provided by the game's physics engine, which enhances immersion and engagement.

 -  Players will find the 3D block graphics in the game to be a fascinating addition to the overall experience.


 1. The more players practice, the more adept they will get at driving and navigating obstacles.

 2. Upgrade the vehicle: Players should gather as many coins as they can to enhance the handling, speed, and other attributes of their vehicle.

 3. Keep your eyes on the road: Players should never let the landscape divert them from the route.

 4. Take breaks: Intermissions between levels might assist players to regain their focus and energy.


Using arrow keys

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