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Drive and Jive 2

A fun vehicle racing game with 38 levels packed with difficulties and obstacles is called Drive and Jive 2. Each level in the game has a different theme, which adds to the experience's novelty and entertainment.

How to play 

Prepare to navigate the levels in your preferred vehicle after picking it out. Move the car with the arrow keys while dodging traps, roadblocks, and other hazards. There are several different vehicles available in the game, each with its own special traits and skills.


 - With its 38 levels of escalating difficulty, Drive and Jive 2 offer a fun and demanding experience.

 - The game also has a variety of vehicles, each with unique features and abilities.


On every level, be ready to face unforeseen difficulties. Consider the track when you make your plans, then. Depending on each level's specific requirements, pick the appropriate vehicle. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!



Using arrow keys

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