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Drift 3

In the heart-pounding game Drift 3, be ready to put your hand-eye coordination to the test! You can race against seven other players from across the world in this thrilling racing game's unique drifting race. Enter your name, select your preferred vehicle, and engage in an exhilarating struggle for survival. Use your driving talents to push other drivers off the track as you drift through challenging turns and tap and release the screen at just the correct time to accomplish flawless drifts. But watch out for dead ends! Utilize the mini-map to help you navigate the racetrack wisely. Aim to be the last person standing to win the prized victory.

How to play 

With Drift 3, you may compete against actual gamers from across the world in a high-stakes drifting race. How to begin going is as follows:

 1. Name and Car Selection: Choose your chosen car from a variety of possibilities and enter your name to customize your racing identity. Each car might have special qualities like speed, handling, and stability. Pick a vehicle that fits your tastes and racing style.

 2. Drifting and Survival: Start a drift by tapping and holding the screen while negotiating tricky turns. When the time is correct, let go of your finger to regain control and straighten your car. Aim to drift deftly, keeping your balance, and avoiding collisions with obstacles and dead ends. By outwitting rivals and staying on course, you can survive the race and emerge as the victor.


 - Racing in multiplayer: Take part in exhilarating races in which you face off against seven other players in real time. As you try to outlast your opponents and win, put your abilities to the test and demonstrate your superiority.

 - Mini-Map: To get an advantage, use the mini-map in the upper left corner of the screen. A visual representation of the racecourse is provided by the mini-map, which you may use to travel efficiently and foresee forthcoming turns, dead ends, and the locations of your competitors.

 - Victory of the Last Survivor: In Drift 3, being the final survivor is the ultimate objective. To ensure your position as the lone victor, outmaneuver opponents, execute accurate drifts, and deliberately drive them off the course.


 1. Excellent Your Drifts: The key to doing excellent drifts is timing. To stay in control and achieve your maximum drifting potential, practice touching and releasing the screen at precisely the perfect moment. Gaining an advantage over your rivals requires precision.

 2. Utilize your driving prowess to strategically crash with opponents and knock them off the track. Decide where and when to establish touch in a way that benefits you and prevents you from being pushed away.

 3. Map awareness: Keep an eye on the mini-map at all times to keep track of your whereabouts and the racecourse's layout. You can use this knowledge to organize your drifts, foresee any problems, and select the fastest racing lines.

 4. Beware of Dead Ends: Avoid running into dead ends because doing so will eliminate you. Keep a close eye on the mini-map and the track to make sure you avoid these hazardous locations.


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