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Draw and Save The Car

Draw and Save the Car is an imaginative and exciting game that challenges players to draw bridges to help a car reach its destination. With each level, the game becomes more challenging as different obstacles and dangers are presented to the player. As a result, strategic drawings become necessary for success. The game allows players to unlock new and more powerful cars using coins earned during missions. With a total of 200 different levels, Draw and Save the Car provides players with hours of adventure and fun.

How to play 

It's simple and enjoyable to play Draw and Save the Car. You can choose the level you want to play by going to the game's main menu after downloading it from your app store. There are 200 stages in the game, and each one has its own barriers and difficulties.

You will see a car at the starting point and a finish line as soon as you choose a level. You must doodle a bridge so that the car can safely get to its destination. To sketch the bridge, you will be given a pencil tool. You can use several colors to add creativity to your drawings.


To observe if the automobile can successfully cross the bridge without falling or running into obstacles, touch the play button after designing the bridge. You will receive money if the vehicle successfully crosses the finish line, which you can then use to unlock other, more potent vehicles.


 - Different Levels: There are 200 different levels in the game, each with its own obstacles and problems. As you go through the levels, the game grows more difficult and requires more tactical drawings to win.

 - Numerous Cars: The game offers a wide selection of cars for players to select from. Using the coins acquired from missions, you can unlock new, more powerful cars.

 - Drawing Creativity: Players can utilize a variety of colors and drawing tools in the game to give their pictures a more inventive feel.

 - Basic Controls: Due to the game's basic controls and ease of use, it is appropriate for players of all ages.


 1. Think ahead: Before sketching your bridge, take time to think forward and prepare for any potential problems.

 2. Use a variety of colors: Using a variety of colors can enhance the originality and imagination of your drawings. Additionally, it can make it simpler to navigate by assisting you in differentiating between the bridge's various sections.

 3. Be patient; it takes time and perseverance to draw the ideal bridge. Take your time and don't rush; doing so can result in errors and failures.

 4. Unlocking new, more potent vehicles will help you advance through later levels. Save your coins so you may use them to open the best automobiles.


Using arrow keys

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