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Desert Run

A top-down obstacle course game called Desert Run will test your ability to drive a jeep through an unending desert filled with different types of trees.

How to play Desert Run

Desert Run is a fun drive-and-dodge game in which you must steer clear of hitting any cacti, palm palms, rocks, or craters with your jeep as you traverse the sandy plains. The route is littered with hazards, and turning sharply is a little challenging due to the sand. It's a good thing that the levels are littered with power-ups for you to find. Pick up the ammo crates to shoot away the threats in front of you and the shields to surround your jeep with a force field of protection! How far are you going to be able to go?

Drive your buggy as far as you can through the desert without crashing while dodging all of the hazards. You must veer left and right while trying to survive for as long as you can, avoiding trees, craters, and land minds. To climb the leaderboards, gather powerups that will allow you to move more quickly.



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