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In the thrilling multiplayer racing game DashCraft.io, players can race on courses that other players have constructed. DashCraft.io offers countless hours of racing entertainment with a variety of cars to pick from and the option to share your own tracks.

How to play 

Choose a vehicle from the available choices, then join a multiplayer race on a track that another player has designed. Alternately, make your own unique tune using the track editor and distribute it throughout the community. You may accelerate, brake, and maneuver your car through the circuit using the game's easy controls.


 - Competing against other players and crossing the finish line first is the primary goal of the game.

 - By winning races, you can gain coins that you can then spend to unlock new vehicles or upgrade your current ones.

 - You can vote in the game for the top tracks made by the community and take part in daily challenges to win extra rewards.


It's crucial to become familiar with each track's layout and your car's advantages and disadvantages if you want to improve your racing abilities. Try out various cars and upgrades to determine which ones best suit your playstyle. Additionally, when creating your own tracks, make sure to give other gamers a hard yet pleasurable experience.


 W / up arrow key = accelerate

 A / left arrow key = move left

 D / right arrow key = move right

 S / down arrow keys / space = brake

 R = restart from checkpoint

 Backspace = restart from the start

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