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Crazy Stunt Cars 2

Crazy Stunt Cars 2 is an exciting sequel to the Crazy Stunt Cars game where players can enjoy endless ramps and perform crazy stunts around amazing stages. With 12 different vehicles to choose from and customization options available, this game promises to deliver hours of entertainment and adrenaline-pumping action.

How to play 

Driving your selected vehicle around the stage while pulling off as many flips and leaps as you can is the aim of Crazy Stunt Cars 2. The direction and movement of the car are managed with the arrow keys or WASD, while the handbrake is engaged with the spacebar. Use the ramps that are positioned throughout the stage to do tricks and gain enough height to execute flips, spins, and other stunning maneuvers.


 - 12 different vehicles are available for selection, including trucks, sports cars, and even a tank.

 - Customization: You can alter your car's color, add decals, and improve the suspension, brakes, and engine to improve both its looks and performance.

 - Amazing stages: Navigate three distinct courses, each has its own special layout and obstacles.

 - Unlimited jumps and acrobatics are possible in the game thanks to the infinite ramps and other obstacles.


 1. Start slowly: When the game first begins, take your time to become acclimated to the controls and handling of the car. Take your time before doing any antics.

 2. Utilize the ramps: To pull off stunts, make use of the ramps positioned all over the stage. To earn extra points, try to do the highest and longest jumps possible.

 3. Upgrade your vehicle: As you accumulate more money and points, utilize it to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your car. This will enable you to pull off more impressive feats and make a statement.

 4. The longer you play the game, the more adept you'll become at pulling off jumps and acrobatics. If you initially struggle, don't give up; just keep trying until you get the hang of it.


Using arrow keys 

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