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Crazy Stunt Cars

Crazy Stunt Cars is a free online game that allows you to take control of amazing cars and perform insane stunts. It is a perfect game for those who love to feel the adrenaline rush while driving through loops, ramps, and other exciting structures. The game offers a unique and thrilling experience that is sure to keep you engaged for hours.

How to play 

The goal of Crazy Stunt Cars is to drive your car through the various constructions as quickly as you can while pulling off the most insane stunts. You can select from a wide range of various cars, each with its own distinctive features, and personalize them to your preferences. You can begin exploring the wide world of Crazy Stunt Cars after choosing your vehicle.

The arrow keys on your keyboard are used to control the game. The up arrow accelerates your vehicle, while the down arrow slows it down or puts it in reverse. You can steer your car by using the left and right arrows. The spacebar can also be used to jump and pull off tricks while in the air.


You can explore a range of various ramps and structures in Crazy Stunt Cars. Driving is possible through loops, off of sizable ramps, and even up the sides of buildings. The game is made to offer a distinct and thrilling experience that will keep you interested for hours.

Crazy Stunt Cars offer customization choices for your automobile in addition to the fun gameplay. You can choose from a wide range of vehicles and give them unique paint jobs and improvements. You can unlock new cars and enhance your old ones to make them quicker and more powerful as you advance in the game and accumulate more money.


 1. You must play the game at a high speed to pull off the best tricks and score the most points.

 2. Avoid colliding with walls and obstacles to avoid slowing down and decreasing your chances of finishing the levels.

 3. To score the most points, try to land your car safely while performing tricks and jumping using the spacebar.


Using arrow keys 

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