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Crazy Drift

If you're looking for a game that will get your adrenaline pumping, then look no further than Crazy Drift! This epic driving game lets you drift around tracks to build a score and compete against other players online. With its smooth controls, stunning graphics, and heart-pumping gameplay, Crazy Drift is a must-play for any fan of racing games.

How to play 

Crazy Drift has frantic and thrilling gameplay. To increase your score, you'll need to use your driving prowess to slide around turns and dodge obstacles. New, harder-to-drive cars and tracks become available as you go through the game. You may even play in multiplayer mode to challenge other players online to a score-based competition.


 - Players can choose from a number of features in Crazy Drift to improve their game experience.

 - You can acquire new automobiles to add to your collection or modify your current vehicle to increase performance.

 - There are three other sorts of play areas in the game: stunt courses, playgrounds, and tracks. There are particular difficulties and impediments to going beyond every kind of location.


 1. Start out slowly and avoid trying to wander too quickly. Gradually increase your speed after a modest start.

 2. Use the handbrake: In Crazy Drift, the handbrake is a friend. Utilize it to start your drifts and keep control.

 3. There are a lot of obstacles on the Crazy Drift tracks, so be careful. Watch for them and be prepared to avoid them when required.

 4. The more you play Crazy Drift, the better you'll get since practice makes perfect. You'll become a pro at drifting if you put in the effort to practice and perfect your technique.


 WASD / arrow keys = drive

 Space = handbrake

 F = NOS

 G = Slow-motion

 L / K = headlights

 Q / E / Z = indicators

 H = horn

 C = change camera view

 B = look back

 Shift / Ctrl = shift gear manually

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