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Crazy Cars

Crazy Cars is a thrilling and difficult racing game that calls for talent, cunning, and quick reactions. It is still a favorite among players thanks to its straightforward controls and compelling gameplay.

In the 1980s, the iconic racing game Crazy Cars were first made available. It was created by the Italian video game developer Titus Interactive, and it was well-liked in arcades and on home computer systems like the Commodore 64 and Amiga.
Players drive a red sports vehicle through several courses in the game while dodging obstacles and competing with other drivers. Crazy Cars are regarded as one of the key games of the 8-bit era of gaming because of its straightforward controls and compelling gameplay. Crazy Cars is still a cherished classic among gamers.

How to play 

In Crazy Cars, players take charge of a red sports car and engage in a series of races against other drivers. There are several stages in the game, and each one has its own special obstacles and courses. The goal of each course is for players to complete it as fast as they can while dodging other vehicles, trucks, and hazards like barriers, oil slicks, and water hazards.


Players steer, accelerate, and stop using the arrow keys in this straightforward game. Players can gather money as they advance through each level to upgrade their car and boost its performance. Better brakes, motors, and tires are examples of upgrades.


 1. Avoid colliding with other vehicles or obstructions to keep from slowing down and possibly damaging your car.

 2. Assemble as much cash as you can to better your car and raise your winning potential.

 3. Pay attention to the road in front of you and prepare for dangers, such as turns and jumps.

 3. To get through the track's challenging parts, use your brakes carefully.

 4. To prevent getting stuck in traffic, make an effort to drive ahead of other vehicles.


Using the key controls

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