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City Car Stunt 3

City Car Stunt 3 is the sequel to the popular racing game series City Car Stunt. With improved physics and more realistic and vibrant cars, the game promises to bring a fun and engaging experience to the players. The goal of the game is to complete six different routes before time runs out, and each level unlocks a new car.

City Car Stunt 3 is the latest addition to the thrilling racing game series. With amazing futuristic sports cars and a modern city, the game promises an exciting experience for players. City Car Stunt 3 offers seven unique and fully customizable vehicles, including those from previous games in the series. The game also features a Free Driving mode and six different routes that players need to complete before time runs out.

How to play 

Select your vehicle and a level to begin playing City Car Stunt 3. Your car's movement can be managed using the arrow keys on your computer. Use the up and down arrow keys to accelerate and brake, and the left and right arrow keys to steer. To execute stunts and earn bonus points, use the ramps and obstacles. To unlock a new automobile and finish the level before the timer expires is the goal.


 - With its amazing graphics and contemporary setting, City Car Stunt 3 provides a captivating gaming experience.

 - Seven different, fully configurable vehicles with various handling features are included in the game.

 - The Free Drive option in City Car Stunt 3 enables players to race at top speed while pulling off amazing stunts.


 1. You need to have reasonable control over your car's motions to succeed in City Car Stunt 3.

 2. For extra points, perform tricks using the ramps and obstacles.

 3. Keep an eye on the timer and work to finish the level as soon as you can.

 4. Make use of the customization tools to alter the design and functionality of your vehicle.

 5. Try to uncover new routes and explore the city in the Free Drive mode.

 6. Additionally, compete with your friends by asking them to surpass your score.

 7. Play more and work on your skills; practice makes perfect.


Using arrow keys 

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