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City Car Stunt

City Car Stunt is an action-packed racing game that offers a unique experience to its players. With its peerless stunt roads in the sky and the skyscrapers, the game takes racing to a whole new level. City Car Stunt offers challenging quests, spectacular cars, and various game modes to keep players engaged and entertained.

How to play 

Select a level and your car from the menu to begin playing City Car Stunt. There are six challenging quests throughout the game, each with its own set of difficulties. To steer your car, use the arrow keys on your computer. Pressing the up arrow key will accelerate, and pressing the down arrow key will brake. To turn your car, press the left and right arrow keys.


 - With its amazing graphics and breathtaking atmosphere, City Car Stunt offers a fully immersive gaming experience.

 - Seven magnificent cars with distinctive handling and characteristics are featured in the game.

 - The game's various stages, each with a unique road and a new challenge for players, are included.

 - In the free-wheeling game mode of City Car Stunt, players can experiment with different stunts while driving their automobiles at will.


 1. You must have excellent control over your car's motions in order to be successful at City Car Stunt.

 2. Use the ramps to pull off amazing stunts and rack up more points. However, take care to avoid crashing your vehicle since this can delay you and waste valuable time.

 3. Pay attention to the obstacles on the level and modify your driving style as necessary.

 4. Attempt to surpass your previous best, and dare your friends to do the same.

 5. You can look for Easter eggs and attempt numerous stunts in the Free Ride game mode.


Using arrow keys

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