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Prepare yourself for heart-pounding action in CARJACK.IO, a challenging online racing game that will test the limits of your abilities! As you battle against gamers from across the world, roll at astonishing speeds. Keep ahead of the competitors, avoid run-ins with the tenacious cops during rush hour, and steer clear of crashes as you negotiate difficult tracks. You can release an extra burst of speed when you need it most if you have access to nitrous oxide. Upgrade your stats to rule the leaderboard and customize your vehicle to express your distinct style. At CARJACK.IO, get ready for high-speed thrills, fierce competition, and never-ending excitement!

How to play 

With CARJACK.IO, you may compete against people from across the world in an exhilarating online racing experience. How to begin going is as follows:

 1. Car Selection and Customization: Choose the car of your choice from a variety of alternatives, each with unique advantages and features. Make your car stand out on the track by giving it a unique look with a range of paint colors, decals, and other aesthetic enhancements.

 2. Online racing: Take part in actual races against other gamers. Utilize your driving prowess to outmaneuver rivals and cross the finish line first. Be wary of the cops, especially during busy times, as their presence makes your racing more difficult.


 3. Use your car's nitrous oxide system to boost its speed for a brief period of time. Utilize it wisely to your advantage at critical points in the race. To keep a competitive edge, keep an eye on your nitrous level and use it carefully.


 - Online multiplayer: The online multiplayer experience on CARJACK.IO is exciting and fun. Test your racing prowess while competing against talented gamers from across the world. Climb the ranks to become a top contender.

 - Upgrades and customization: Make your vehicle unique to your tastes and preferences. Make it stand out by adding different cosmetic enhancements to customize its appearance. To improve your car's performance on the track, you can also update its performance statistics including speed, acceleration, and handling.

 - Police Presence: The police force gives the game an exciting new dimension. Avoid running into the cops during rush hour as they will go out of their way to catch you. Keep your eyes open, act quickly, and plan ways to outwit them while keeping your lead.


 1. Master Car Control: Become familiar with the steering and brakes of the car of your choice. To perform at your best on the track, practice cornering, braking, and accelerating. You'll have an advantage over other drivers if you know how your car operates.

 2. Strategic Nitrous Use: To obtain an advantage, use the nitrous oxide boost in a calculated manner. Use it to overtake rivals or during straightaways. Always exercise caution when using nitrous and aim for maximum effect.

 3. Invest your in-game money wisely by increasing your car's stats. Prioritize the numbers that will give you an advantage over the competition by taking into account your racing style and the particular difficulties you confront. You'll get greater outcomes if you balance your speed, acceleration, and handling.

 4. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the tracks' layouts by studying them. Keep an eye out for curves, obstacles, and detours. You can plan your racing lines, take advantage of shortcuts, and make split-second judgments during tense races if you are familiar with the circuits.


  W, A, S, D keys: drive

  Space: Turbo

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