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Car Eats Car Evil Cars

The makers of the original Car Eats Car has returned with Car Eats Car - Evil Cars, which is bigger, better, and a lot funnier! You have a fantastic chance to play for wicked cars versus law enforcement and civic vehicles. Don't ignore them; assist them in surviving this irrational race. The good can exist in even bad vehicles. Aid them in rescuing their buddies from jail.

A renowned game creator recognized for its addicting and exhilarating games, SMOKOKO LTD, created the intriguing game Car Eats Car - Evil Cars. Players have the option to take on the role of wicked cars in this game as they compete in a wild race against the police and civic vehicles. Car Eats Car - Evil Cars is a fantastic game for those racing and adrenaline seekers with its top-notch graphics, captivating action, and difficult stages.

How to play 

Car Eats Car - Evil Cars is rather straightforward and has clear gameplay. The main goal of the game is to assist the wicked automobiles in surviving a race that is filled with difficulties and problems. The game is separated into levels, and in order to advance to the next level, you must complete each level's special obstacles.

Players can steer the vehicle by tilting their mobile device or using the arrow keys on their keyboard. Players can also use the nitro boost function in the game by tapping the screen or pressing the space bar. This feature enables players to accelerate their vehicle and quickly get around obstacles.


 - Different kinds of Evil Cars: The game includes a variety of evil automobiles kinds, each with its own special skills and traits. The player's favorite car can be upgraded with a variety of weaponry and skills.

 - Boss Fights: The game has difficult boss battles that call for players to use their abilities and tactics to defeat the adversary.

 - Upgrades and Power-ups: To increase their chances of winning the race, players can equip their cars with a variety of weaponry, shields, and power-ups.

 - Over 35 challenging stages are included in the game, each of which presents its own difficulties and barriers that must be mastered in order to advance to the next.


 1. Collect Coins: In order to upgrade their car and purchase new weaponry and power-ups, players must collect coins.

 2. Nitro boost should only be used sparingly because it quickly depletes the fuel supply. Players should only utilize it when necessary and refrain from squandering it on pointless activities.

 3. Focus on Upgrades: To win the game, you must equip your automobile with greater weaponry, shields, and power-ups. To improve their chances of victory, players should concentrate on upgrading their cars as quickly as feasible.

 4. Apply Strategy: To defeat the adversary and get through the obstacles at each level, players should apply their abilities and strategy. Players can move through obstacles rapidly by analyzing them and plotting their next course of action.



 Space - Bombs

 X - Turbo

 W - Gas

 S - Brake

 A, D - Balancing

 Arrow keys - Gas, Brake, Balancing

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