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4WD Race Legend

4WD Race Legend is a thrilling game that allows players to assemble and race mini-race cars, reminiscent of the popular Japanese anime Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go MAX. With a variety of mini cars to unlock and play with, players can experience the nostalgia and excitement of their childhood. Earn rewards and upgrades to enhance your racing performance and compete in exhilarating mini-matches. Whether you're a fan of the anime or simply love the thrill of mini-car racing, 4WD Race Legend offers a captivating and enjoyable gaming experience. Get ready to unleash your inner racer and relive the thrills of your childhood!

How to play 

Playing 4WD Race Legend is simple to learn. A breakdown of how to begin is provided below:

Car Assembly: Start by putting your miniature race car together. To customize your car, select from a variety of accessories and parts. Try out various setups to determine the one that provides the best performance, control, and speed.

Mini-Matches: When your vehicle is prepared, it's time to engage in a mini-match competition. Navigate a network of tracks while competing against other racers. To outrun your competitors and cross the finish line first, use your driving prowess and calculated maneuvers.

Cars can be unlocked as you advance in the game and do well in competitions. With the help of these rewards, players can access new small automobiles with special traits and capabilities. Variety and thrill are provided by the various racing experiences that each car offers.


 - Players can create their miniature race cars in the game by choosing from a variety of parts and accessories. Players can design their own distinctive racing vehicles thanks to this function, which provides another level of customization.

 - Challenges for Mini-Match Play fascinating mini-games against AI-controlled opponents. The races are held on a variety of tracks with different difficulties and challenges, providing a varied and exciting racing experience.

 - Earn awards based on your racing performance to unlock new cars. With the help of these bonuses, you can unlock new small vehicles, grow your collection, and access brand-new racing opportunities.


 1. Try Different Part and Component Combinations to Find the Setup That Suits Your Racing Style. Experiment with Different Car Configurations. To perform at your best on various tracks, you must strike a balance between speed, control, and acceleration.

 2. Learn the Controls: To ensure the proper operation of your little race car, become familiar with the game's controls. To outperform your rivals, practice braking, accelerating, and turning around curves.

 3. Plans for Study Tracks: Pay close attention to how each track is laid out. To plan your racing line and execute well-timed overtakes, memorize the positions of twists, turns, and barriers.

 4. Utilize the prizes won from races to enhance already-unlocked tiny vehicles and unlock new ones. You can gain an advantage in the next races by improving the capabilities of your vehicles.

  Inspired by the well-known anime Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & go MAX, 4WD Race Legend offers a thrilling and nostalgic racing experience. The game provides countless thrills and hours of pleasure with its adaptable micro race cars, difficult mini-matches, and a large selection of unlocked vehicles. You can recreate the thrill of your youth and make priceless racing memories by creating and personalizing your little race car, becoming an expert driver, and strategically battling against rivals. Prepare to unleash your racing prowess in 4WD Race Legend and relive the excitement of small car racing! Have fun in the races and may you win!



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