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2 Player City Racing 2

2 Player City Racing 2 is a thrilling racing game where you compete against your friends on 10 exciting levels in a city full of obstacles and details. The game offers various vehicles to choose from and allows you to unlock new ones with the money you earn in each race.

How to play 

Select your vehicle and the racing course to begin, then ask a buddy to join you. To navigate your vehicle and activate power-ups that will help you win the race, use the arrow keys. Avoid colliding with any roadside obstructions or other vehicles.


 - There are ten stages in the game, each with its own obstacles and tunes. By winning each race, you can earn money to unlock new vehicles.

 - In the game, you may also use power-ups like speed boosters, shields, and other items to help you become a better driver.


 1. To remain ahead of your competitors and avoid accidents, become an expert at vehicle handling.

 2. Gather power-ups to give yourself a competitive edge.

 3. Use the money you make to unlock new, more powerful cars.

 4. To plan your strategy and increase your chances of success, talk to your friend.


 Player 1 : using W, A, S, D keys

 Player 2: Using arow keys

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